Progressive Yacht Refinishing provides full-service yacht finishing and refinishing at your marina or private dock. Our team is ready to go the extra mile to make it happen for you.

From minor scratches to heavy collision damages, we are here to help. We can make major structural repairs and replace structural members such as decks, bulkheads, etc. We can also help with insurance claims as well as factory warranty repairs and replacements. Our services also extent to interior decorating, fabrication, interior and exterior refit. Our professionally trained technicians will get you back to the reason you bought your yacht.


What We Offer

Gel Coat Repair

Gel coat is the most durable part of the yacht. It is basically a relatively thick layer of resin with colorant added.
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Waxing & Detailing

Waxing includes compounding and polishing to remove oxidation and filling the pores of the gel coat.
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Fiberglass Repair

Holes in fiberglass are repaired with a bit of glass fabric, a supply of resin, and equal parts of skill and care.
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Fairing Restoration

Yacht fairing restoration is the process of leveling or smoothing imperfections on the surface of a vessel due to gouges, blisters, pitting, low areas, dents or weld seams.
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Varnish is an essential element of wood yacht maintenance. It gives the wood finish a shiny, satin, or semi-glass finish and protects the wood from water, dirt, grease, and other contaminants.
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Yacht refinishing is the process of restoring a yacht back to its original condition after wear and tear from years of salt water exposure and paint fading from sunlight.
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Services We Provide

Gel Coat Repair
Fiberglass Repair
Waxing and Detailing
Refit (Interior, Exterior)
Varnish (Interior, Exterior)
Yacht Refinishing (Interior, Exterior)
Fabrication (Aluminum or Fiberglass)

Teak Sanding
Custom Sofas
Fairing Specialist
New Construction
Interior Decorating
Cockpit Extensions
Custom Yacht Carpentry
Teak Deck Refinishing & Repair